Orient Paper & Industries Limited

Orient Paper Mills is one of India's major players in Paper with a wide range of writing, printing, industrial and speciality papers.

Fully integrated with facilities for production of high strength pulp combined with reafforestation, high speed paper machines and independent power generation, Orient Paper Mills is in total control right from raw materials to the production of a variety of superior papers and boards.

The Orient Paper Mills  plants at AMLAI, Madhya Pradesh have manufacturing facilities to produce a variety of grades and types of papers. Judicious deployment of new technology, abiding commitment to total quality management systems and ingenuity in research and product development have enabled Orient Paper Mills to carve out an important niche not only in the Indian market but in several other countries as well.

The Company has recently set up state-of-the-art facilities to produce a spectrum of Soft Tissue Paper of world class quality.
To perpetuate progress, the Paper Division of Orient Paper Mills continually improving its people, products and processes as it marches ahead in its quest for even higher standards of excellence.
As an integral part of its growth oriented strategy Orient Paper Mills has always identified exports as a priority area. That Orient Paper Mills has been in the forefront in this field is a reflection of this attitude, as more and more countries express satisfaction with Orient Paper Mills quality, its papers and paper boards are in wide demand in several countries. Orient Paper products are being regularly shipped to Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.


Key Financial Highlights (Quarter ended 30-09-2015)
Net Turnover Rs. 36231.48 lacs as against Rs. 32652.05 lacs last year.

PBITD (-) Rs. 241.31 lacs as against profit of Rs. 6.49 lacs last year.
Profit before tax (-)Rs. 2624.49 lacs as against (-) Rs. 2064.51 lacs last year.
Profit after tax (-)Rs. 2624.49 lacs as against (-) Rs. 1846.61 lacs last year.
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