Orient Paper & Industries Limited
Orient Paper & Industries Limited (OPIL) believes that resources must be dynamically matched with a strong commitment to excellence in products and processes though a team of dedicated people, while ensuring a clean environment for our planet, the earth. All to server the customer better. Today and tomorrow. Across the country and beyond its borders, graced with service from the heart which says, "you mean the world to us".
Orient Paper Mills is one of India's major players in Paper with a wide range of writing, printing, industrial and specialty papers.
Fully integrated with facilities for production of high strength pulp combined with reafforestation.

Orient Electricals introduced revolutionary invention and the most sought after benchmark in the fan Lights & Luminaires and Household Appliances Industry.




Key Financial Highlights (Quarter ended 30-09-2015)
Net Turnover Rs. 36231.48 lacs as against Rs. 32652.05 lacs last year.

PBITD (-) Rs. 241.31 lacs as against profit of Rs. 6.49 lacs last year.
Profit before tax (-)Rs. 2624.49 lacs as against (-) Rs. 2064.51 lacs last year.
Profit after tax (-)Rs. 2624.49 lacs as against (-) Rs. 1846.61 lacs last year.
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